UNISS is a full on tournament in terms of fitness and injuries!  As you will be required to umpire 10 games over the week, plus any games as part of your reserve duties, all umpires should be working on their fitness now.  Make sure you are working on your ACC warmups and keep injury free.  To view the Umpire ACC Warmup, click here 

The games will be played according to the INF Rule Book.  There may be some minor changes that are outlined in the Tournament Rules.  To view the INF Rule Book, click here

To view the Code of Conduct and Ethics, click here

  • This is a NNZ sanctioned event and therefore we would expect umpires to abide by the NNZ Umpire code of conduct at all times.
  • Umpires are neutral at all times and you might even be appointed to umpire the team you came with to UNISS. We expect you to professional at all times. You do not address the players on the game by name but rather playing initials e.g. Wing Attack. As per umpire protocols both umpire check both teams prior to the game. We are assuming none of you are management of any of the teams but if you are please inform us of this dual role.
  • Umpires can stand and watch teams play when they are not umpiring but must not be wearing the schools uniform/jacket/hair ribbons or be cheering for the school.
  • Teams have been asked to provide a scorer/timekeeper for all their games and all schools will bring a stop watch. Umpires will ask for these 2 people (one from each school) to stand next to each other opposite the Centre Circle for the duration of the game. Teams benches are either side of these scorers/timekeepers. Umpires will time their own injury stoppages (up to 30seconds).
  • Umpires should come prepared for all weather conditions. If you wish to wear a sweatshirt, sleeveless jacket or rain jacket these should be white or black. If you are wearing a black jacket you should wear a white skirt/shorts. It is a good idea to bring a white and black shirt/shorts as you need to be different to the teams and some teams do have a black dress. If possible both umpires should be wearing the same coloured shirt/shorts for each game.
  • There will be an Umpires panel at this tournament
  • Colds will be available for umpires so bring your own towels
  • Physio and massage will be available so bring cash
  • For those of you who have not been to an event like this before start preparing your kit now to ensure you have  2 of everything e.g. spare skirt/shorts, spare top, spare whistle and pass indicator, drink bottle clearly names.