Umpire Registration Form:  We require the contact details and qualifications of all umpires.  To assist with this, we ask that you please complete the information here.  We also ask that you upload a headshot photo so that our umpire coach panel and your co-umpires during the tournament can identify you.  It doesn't need to be a professional photo, a 'selfie' is fine.  Your information will be held confidentially for the purposes of the UNISS tournament.

Are there umpires available at your centre?  All schools are encouraged to source an umpire from their local netball centre or zone. If you are unable to source one, you can request an umpire from Howick Pakuranga Netball Centre. The cost of having an umpire provided to you will be $1,000.00 if the umpire is required for the whole tournament.  If you supply an umpire who is only able to umpire part of the tournament and you require another umpire to be provided, you will be charged a pro rata amount. 

Umpire shirts?  Shirts will be ordered for umpires; details will be sent to registered teams and their umpires in due course.

What qualification does our schools umpire have to be?  The minimum qualification an umpire needs for UNISS is their Centre Practical or Centre Award.

When is the Umpires Meeting for UNISS 2022?  Is bing held online on Monday 15th August at 7pm.  The link to the Zoom meeting will be sent to all umpires who are registered for UNISS.  If you haven't already, please click here to complete your registration - all UNISS umpires need to complete and submit this form.

How do I go about changing the umpire I have registered for UNISS 2022?  To change the umpire you have registered, simply send a request to stating what your previous umpire's name was and who your new umpire is.  We will need the name, contact details, current Umpiring qualification and when they were awarded their current qualification. 

What do I do if my umpire does not show at UNISS 2022?  If your umpire does not show, your school will be charged $1,000.00 as we will need to provide you with one. This fee needs to be paid before the end of the tournament.

How much will I get paid for being an umpire at UNISS 2022?  Umpires approached by schools will have a private arrangement between themselves and the schools in regards to payment. Umpires assigned to schools by the centre will be provided a DONATION after the tournament has finished. The amount (if any) will depend on a number of factors.