Who is hosting UNISS 2023?
Hamilton City Netball Centre will be hosting UNISS 2023.
Minogue Park, Moore Street, Forest Lake, Hamilton.

What is UNISS?
UNISS is a quality netball tournament for top Secondary School players, coaches, managers, umpires, officials and spectators from around the Upper North Island.

When is UNISS 2023?
Monday 28th August to Friday 1st September 2023

How can I keep up to date with information regarding UNISS 2023?
Stay connected and up-to-date through Facebook, newsletters and this website.  
UNISS Website


When is the AGM for UNISS 2023?                                                                                                                                         

Details of the 2023 AGM are to be confirmed including the Notice of AGM, Agenda and other relevant documentation.

When and where is the Managers information briefing?

Sunday 27th August

Anytime between 3.30pm and 5.30pm

Hamilton City Netball Centre

Managers are invited to Check In at Hamilton City Netball Centre.

This is your final chance to alter your teams lists. 

We will have team packs available which will include:

  • Match Ball
  • Information Booklet
  • Participation Certificates
  • Carpark passes (x2)
  • Any pre-ordered merchandise

When can team information packs be collected?

Information packs will be available at the Managers Check In. Team sheets will need to be checked and signed off at the same time.

When and where is the Umpires meeting?
The Umpires meeting is on Sunday 27th at 5pm and Hamilton City Netball Centre.  The meeting will include the collection of your umpire shirt.

Qualifying Tournament Rules click here

Do schools have to provide scorers and timekeepers?

Teams are asked to provide a scorer/timekeeper for all their games and all schools will need to bring a stop watch. Umpires will ask for these 2 people (one from each school) to stand next to each other opposite the Centre Circle for the duration of the game. Teams benches are either side of these scorers/timekeepers. Umpires will time their own injury stoppages (up to 30seconds).

​​​​​​​Is there a physiotherapist available at the venue?
Yes, Active Health Waikato will be on site for First Aid response and is able to organise for you to visit one of their physios. Pricing will be as follows:  Strapping $10 shoulders, $5 all other joints.

​​​​​​​Will there be a photographer at the venue?
Yes, there will be a photographer onsite to take action shots etc during the tournament.  There will not be any official team photos, however schools often take their own team photos.​​​​​​​

Is our school allowed to bring a gazebo?
Yes, and we encourage you to do so, providing shelter for your teams as Hamilton City Netball Centre has limited shelter for teams. There are grass areas available alongside courts 1& 2; along the grass embankment above court 3,7,12 and in the park area beside the netball courts.

Can our school leave our gazebo up overnight?
No, we will not have overnight security on duty.

Will there be UNISS merchandise available to purchase?
Merchandise is being organised and will be available to pre-order very soon..  Merchandise will also be available to purchase throughout the week of the competition.

Will there be ice available for recovery?
Ice baths will be available for the umpires.  Ice baths for players will not be available.  

Will there be parking at UNISS?
Yes there is parking at Minogue Park.  There will be designated parking areas for team vans, umpires and volunteers with passes required.  There is very limited parking for spectators but there is lots of parking surrounding Minogue Park on the streets on all sides. There is a walking entrance at the far ends of the courts by the diary.  Please do not park across driveways, on footpaths or grass verges.

What do I do if I would like to be a volunteer at UNISS 2023?
Approximately 120 teams are expected to attend this annual event, and for the smooth running of an event this size, many volunteers are needed.  CAN YOU HELP?  If so, please email netballuniss@gmail,com and we will get in touch directly with you.  Any help that you can offer, would be greatly appreciated!