Expression of Interest - Umpiring at UNISS 2023

As you may be aware Hamilton City Netball Centre is hosting UNISS in 2023 from Monday 28th August to Friday 1st September with approximately 120 secondary teams.

Some teams bring umpires with them and these umpires stay with the teams and are paid by the teams. Many teams do not bring an umpire with them. It is up to us as the host centre to supply umpires so that every game is covered.

Teams attending this event range in skill level so there is a wide range of opportunities for all levels of umpires. Minimum of Centre Award.

Umpires are paid $50 per game. You are allocated a maximum of 2 games per day and 10 games for the tournament.

You do not have to be available for the full tournament to be a pool umpire.

There is a team of Umpire Coaches at UNISS so you will be well supported.

Lunch is provided for you each day. Transport and accommodation is up to you to organise for yourself. Carpooling with other umpires is definitely recommended as there will be very little carparking available.

If you are interested please can you click on this link and fill in the form:

If you have any queries or questions please email