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Emergency Evacuation - In the case of an emergency, the Tournament Director and/or Exec Member on duty will instruct everyone to stop and evacuate.  You are required to vacate the building/centre through the nearest exit and assemble at the FIRE ASSEMBLY POINT, which is in the carpark area in front of the Howick Little Theatre, adjacent to Pakuranga Road.  Click here for a Site Plan. 

Fire Evacuation Procedure Click here

Medical Assistance - If someone is having medical issues please let an official know asap and we will call 111.  During the tournament we will have medical assistance onsite.  There is a defibrillator onsite which is located in the Executive Room. 

Incident Reporting - If you have an accident or a near miss at Howick Pakuranga Netball Centre please Click here to fill in the HPNC Incident Report Form and let us know about it immediately.