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1. All games will be 4 quarters of 10 minutes each, with 2 minutes quarter time and 3 minutes half time.

2. Umpires will be allocated to all games.

3. Each team will be given a ball. This is the official ball and is to be used for all games at this tournament.

4. Teams are to supply their own first aid kit, stop watch, timekeeper and scorer.

5. All games will be individually timed, but shall start on the central bell. Team officials and umpires shall agree prior to the start of the game who is responsible for timekeeping and who is responsible for scoring. These two people are required to remain beside the court at the half way point on the sideline throughout the game.

6. The official score shall be recorded on the scorecard. To eliminate any discrepancies, the scorer and timekeeper shall stand together.

7. Points: 4 for a win 2 for a draw 1 for a loss of 3 goals or less. 0 for a loss greater than 3 goals

8. Injury and illness: a. As per the International Rules; the injured player must leave the court within 30 seconds. During the stoppage both teams may make substitutions or team changes, provided these are completed within the time allowed for the stoppage by the umpires. b. Should a player be injured or ill and are unable to continue during the tournament the player may be permanently replaced for the remainder of the tournament. A medical certificate or other appropriate supporting documentation will be required.

9. In the event of a tie on points at the end of pool rounds, the result of the game between the teams decides the winner. However; c. If the two teams drew their match, or if more than two teams have the same number of points at the end of the pool rounds, goal average of the pool games will decide the placings (i.e. goals for divided by goals against). d. If goal average is identical, the goal difference will be applied. (i.e. the difference between goals for and goals against). e. In the event of a further tie, the team scoring the most goals will be declared the winner.

10. In play-offs, semi finals or finals, no draws are permitted. In the event that the score is level at fulltime, there will be; f. A two minute interval at the end of fulltime. Substitutions and/or team changes are permitted; g. Extra time of two halves of three (3) minutes each shall be played. Teams change ends at the half time without an interval. No substitutions and/or team changes are permitted (Except injury substitutions). The Centre pass is taken by the team entitled to the next centre pass. h. In the event of a tie remaining at the end of extra time, play will continue until one team has a 2 goal advantage.

11. The prize giving and presentations will take place at the conclusion of the A Grade final.

12. Team defaults: If a team does not take the court at the required time the umpires will give a one minute warning. If the team is still not on the court at the end of the one minute then the game will be awarded to the opposing team who shall be on the court ready to play.

13. All players are to wear their numbers either on their arm or outer leg in a clearly visible manner. Please bring a black felt tip pen.

14. All participating teams must be accompanied by two adult officials who must assume responsibility throughout the tournament and be accountable to the School Principal.